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MIDIS has over the years successfully delivered a number of construction projects to major asset owners of such facilities like FPSOs, Platforms etc.  Our full range of construction services include but not limited to the following:

  • Fabrication & Welding Services such as Structural and Pipe Spool Fabrication inclusive of general steel and alloy steel requirements
  • Machining Services such as On-Site Machining Services, Cold Cutting & Bevelling, Flange Facing & Milling, Pipe End Prep, Bolt Tensioning, Torque Wrench, Hot/Cold Tapping, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Welding Habitat, Line Boring, Hole Drilling and Threading etc,
  • Operations, Repairs & Maintenance of Onshore/Offshore Facilities such as FPSOs, MOPUs, MODUs, Platforms, etc
  • Grit Blasting & Painting
  • Turn Around Maintenance for Onshore/Offshore Facilities
  • Specialist Electrical & Instrumentation Support for Hook-Up and Maintenance Projects
  • Specialist Mechanical Support for new and existing construction projects
  • Brownfield Engineering & Maintenance
  • Technical Method Services


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